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Livestock Exretions Sludge Separator

Jun 21, 2013 GMT

company KUKJAE Environmental Technology
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 5296, Daejeo 2-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea (South) 618-808
Contact Lee Jinseok
Phone 82-051-305-8886
fax 82-051-973-0553
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Product Information

- Our main livestock excretions sludge separator is KJ2 series.

- It has two-step dehydration method by applying step 1 drum screen and step 2 screw press method.

- It can be applied to the livestock (pig, chicken, cow) with high-moisture content.

- We have developed our own technology by benchmarking wedge wire screen that is used by German company FAN and Austrian company Bauer, which are the leading livestock excretions sludge separator manufacturers.

- However, our technology is currently superior to theirs.

- Self-developed advanced wedge wire screen has higher durability by reinforcing the weak points of the existing wedge wire screens.

- In addition, it prevents the second contamination due to its malfunction by using a sensor and maximizes convenience and minimizes after-sale repair by equipping with automatic cleaning devices.

- The maximum processing capacity is 20 ton/hour in terms of inlet water and the dehydrated solids contents is up to 70%.

- It is possible to reduce the costs of subsidiary materials (sawdust, chaff, etc.) up to zero if you use the dehydrated solids as compost.

- It can also recycle livestock excretions by liquefying and making biogas from the excretions because it is a mechanical dehydration facility without chemicals.

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Lee Jinseok
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